Podbean vs Libsyn vs Buzzsprout: Pricing, Features & Which Is Better in 2022

Podbean vs Libsyn vs Buzzsprout – Introduction

Podbean is the largest podcast hosting platform on the planet. It was created in 2010 and offers a variety of options for podcasters to monetize their show through advertising or other means.

They also offer tools such as an RSS feed builder and promo codes so that you can promote your show to new listeners.

Libsyn is another popular podcast hosting platform that has been around since 2004. They offer similar services, but they have a larger variety of plans available for small businesses who want to start a podcast or create their own show.

Buzzsprout is another popular podcast service that has been around since 2009. They offer some great features such as: high quality audio, statistics tracking, and more!

Point by Point Comparison

In the following section, we’ll take a look at some of the most important features and differences between the two versions of Minecraft.

Crafting System

In vanilla Minecraft, you’re given access to a crafting grid that allows you to create items with various materials. The crafting system is pretty simplistic in vanilla Minecraft, which means it can be difficult to get started on your first day playing the game.

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1. Podcast Website Creation

A podcast website is your online home. It’s where you post all of the information about your show, including episode descriptions, show notes and more.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to create a website for your podcast.

A podcast website can also be an opportunity to make money on the side by selling advertising space on your site or getting paid sponsorships.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when creating a podcast website:

1) Create an easy-to-remember URL. Make sure that you’re able to remember this URL yourself so that it will be easy for people to find when they search for it.

For example, if your show name is “The Wonderful World Of Podcasting,” then using wwopodcasting.com as your URL would make sense. If you use something like www.thewonderfulworldofpodcasting.com and someone wanted to visit it from their browser’s address bar, they’d have to type out every letter individually!

2) Create an email address for your show and use that instead of just using Gmail or Hotmail. This makes it easier for people to contact you directly through email rather than having to go through Gmail’s web interface which doesn’t


 Podcast Website Creation Podbean

Podcasts have become quite popular over the past decade. With so many people using their smartphones, podcasts are a great way to gain more listeners and attract more potential customers.

In fact, many companies are now creating their own podcast websites and uploading their podcasts on these sites.

Podbean is one of the most popular podcast websites that lets you create your own podcast website. It allows you to easily create your own website and upload your content without any technical knowledge or experience.

Podbean has all the features you need to create a professional looking site that will attract visitors and help you grow your business.


 Podcast Website Creation Libsyn is a professional podcast website design service for podcasters and broadcasters looking for a simple, clean, and effective solution to host their podcast’s website.

Our team of web designers and developers will create a custom designed website that matches your podcast’s brand identity. We can also provide you with hosting, or we can help you migrate your existing website to Libsyn.

Our service includes:

A custom designed website that matches your podcast’s brand identity

Hosting – We’ll host your site on our servers so it’s fast, secure, and reliable

Migration assistance – If you already have a website we can help you move it over to Libsyn


 Podcast Website Creation Buzzsprout

Podcasts are a great way to build your brand and engage your audience. But when you’re busy with other tasks, it can be hard to get your podcast off the ground.

A podcast website can help you attract new listeners and keep current ones coming back.

But creating a podcast website isn’t easy. You need to make sure that it has everything your listeners want and more including all the latest features, information about you and your show, social media integration, and more.

A good podcast website will help you grow your audience by providing them with more reasons to listen and share your show. It’s also an excellent way to advertise for free because people who listen to podcasts tend to be passionate about their favorite shows.

2. Embeddable Podcast Player

 Embeddable Podcast Player is a simple and lightweight way to embed your podcast player on your website. Simply copy and paste the code below into your webpage and you are ready to go!

Audio Player – Embed Player

SoundCloud embeds are supported on all platforms (desktop, mobile web and RSS). To embed a SoundCloud track in an RSS feed, add the following snippet of code:


 Podbean is a podcasting website that allows you to host your own podcast. It’s also an embeddable player that you can use on your website.

The Podbean embed code gives you the ability to add a player to your website so that visitors can listen to your podcast without having to leave your site.

To embed the Podbean player on your website, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Podbean’s homepage at podbean.com/podcasts/create and click “Create New Podcast” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Enter a title, URL and description for your new podcast and click “Save” at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be taken to a page where you can create an RSS feed for your show by selecting “Yes” next to “Do you want people subscribed through an RSS feed?” Then click “Save Changes.”
  3. In order for Podbean users to subscribe via RSS feeds, they must enter their email address in the box marked “Subscribe with Email Address.”


 The Libsyn Playlist Player is a customizable, embeddable player that allows you to set the look and feel of your podcast player. It’s easy to use and comes with a number of options for customization.

The Libsyn Playlist Player is compatible with most browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. It includes support for HD video and fullscreen mode for desktop browsers.

The Libsyn Playlist Player is available in three different sizes:

Small (320 x 192px) – Best for smaller screens like smartphones or tablets

Medium (480 x 270px) – Best for mid-sized screens like laptops or desktops

Large (640 x 360px) – Best for large screens like televisions


Embeddable Podcast Player

Buzzsprout is the podcasting platform that hosts your podcast and helps you grow it. We make it easy to record, edit, host, and publish your podcast.

And our powerful analytics help you track everything from listening habits to sponsorship opportunities.

With Buzzsprout, you can:

  • Easily record your podcast with our built-in recording studio, or connect any audio interface
  • Manage your entire library of episodes in one place with simple editing tools and a flexible publishing schedule
  • Get started for free with up to 300MB of storage space per podcast episode
  • Make money by accepting sponsorships on your show

3. Statistics and Analytics

 Statistics and analytics are methods used to gather, analyze, and interpret data. The term “statistics” can refer to a range of different mathematical procedures; in common usage it describes the analysis of numerical data.

Statistics may be distinguished from data analytics, which is concerned with analyzing qualitative data.


Statistics is a method for analyzing information to gain insight into a group or population. It often involves collecting and organizing relevant data into a suitable form for analysis, such as statistical models and/or databases. Once information has been collected, it may be analyzed in many ways (see below).


Analytics is the application of statistics to problem solving in business, science and industry. It uses various forms of analysis (including descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive techniques) to derive meaningful insights from raw data.

Analytics can be used to find patterns in past events, better understand customer behavior or predict future outcomes.


 Statistics and Analytics Podbean

Podbean’s statistics and analytics tools are essential to your success. This section of the Podbean user guide will walk you through the various ways we can help you understand your audience, measure your performance and evaluate your content.

Using Statistics

The statistics page is a great place to get a high-level overview of how your podcast is doing. From here you can see how many subscribers you have and how often people are listening.

You can also see which episodes are most popular and how many times they’ve been played. The statistics page also provides some other valuable insights into how people are finding your podcast and what they’re doing when they get there.


 Libsyn is the leader in podcast statistics and analytics. We offer a complete set of tools for podcasters to make the most of their shows.

We’ve built our business on helping podcasters grow their audiences and make more money from their podcasts. And we’re committed to making sure that every podcaster can use our platform to grow their show without ever having to pay more than they can afford.

Libsyn’s core product is a hosted media hosting service that provides all the technology needed to upload, store, distribute and monetize your podcast.

But we also provide some additional services that help you grow your podcast audience:

Analytics – Get detailed information about who’s listening to your show, where they’re listening, what they’re doing when they listen, and how much time they spend with each episode.

Podcast Promotion – Use our promotional tools to get more downloads from Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music, as well as other third-party apps like Overcast and Pocket Casts.

Podcast Website Builder – Build a website for your podcast using our easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface


 Statistics and Analytics Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout provides free and premium stats and analytics tools that allow you to track, manage and grow your podcast.

Buzzsprout provides a wide array of useful metrics for both new and established podcasts. The statistics page shows a variety of graphs relating to your podcast’s performance, including traffic sources, social media activity, device usage and more.

If you want to get more detailed information about specific episodes or segments, you can click on the “Segment Analysis” button in the top right corner of the main dashboard.

The segment analysis tool displays detailed information about each episode’s performance over time. You can see how many downloads each episode received over time, including when it was released and when it was last updated.

You can also see which episodes have been downloaded by clicking on each episode’s title in the list below the graph.

The segment analysis tool also allows you to compare multiple episodes against one another with respect to their download counts or social media engagement. Simply select two or more episodes from the list below the graph by checking their checkboxes (one at a time) before clicking “Compare Selected.”

4. Advertising and Monetization Options

Advertising is the most common way to generate revenue from your game. But not all ads are created equal.

There are many different ways to monetize your game, and each one comes with its own pros and cons. Here’s a quick overview of the main advertising options:

Interstitial ads – These are full-screen ads that appear before or after gameplay and get closed when the player taps them. They can be placed at any point in the app, but they often appear between levels or after a level has been completed.

Interstitial ads usually have a higher eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) than banner ads because they take up more screen space.

Banner ads – Banner ads appear in-game as banners at the top or bottom of the screen, and they’re typically static images that link to external websites. Players can tap on banner ads to open them in a new browser tab and learn more about the product being advertised.

Banner ads typically have lower eCPMs than interstitials because they take up less space on-screen, but there are still plenty of opportunities for you to make money off banners if you choose wisely!


 Podbean has created a platform that allows podcasters to upload and publish their shows for free. Podbean also has advertising and monetization options available for podcasters to experiment with.

The following is an overview of the advertising and monetization options available through Podbean:

Podbean is one of the first podcast hosting platforms to allow you to monetize your show through advertisements. Podbean’s advertisement network is powered by Rhythm NewMedia, who offers advertisers access to highly targeted audiences based on interests or geographic location.

The Rhythm NewMedia network includes over 250 sites across the web, including dating sites, job boards and blogs.

You can choose between two types of ads: pre-roll (which plays before your show starts) or post-roll (which plays after your show ends). Both types of ads are skippable after five seconds.

When choosing an ad type, keep in mind that most listeners will be skipping your ads – so the goal should be to make them as relevant as possible while still keeping them engaging!


 Advertising and Monetization Options Libsyn

Advertising is one of the most common ways to monetize a podcast.

Libsyn offers two types of ad insertion: Ad Insertion and Premium Ad Insertion.

Ad Insertion allows you to display pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads in your podcast. Premium Ad Insertion allows you to offer sponsorships for your show which can include custom creative and more control over the placement of ads on your show.

Both ad options allow you to display ads from a variety of networks including iHeart Radio, Google AdSense, Amazon, TuneIn and more!

Advertising is an easy way for podcasters to monetize their shows while still preserving their content’s integrity. You can read more about advertising here or contact us at sales@libsyn.com if you have any questions about advertising with Libsyn!


 Advertising and Monetization Options Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout offers multiple advertising and monetization options which are described below.

Advertising with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a great way to earn money from your podcast. AdSense provides the code that you place on your website, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

It’s simple, too – just sign up for an account, put the code on your site and get paid! You can create unique ads for each episode or use a single ad for all of your episodes. You can also choose how long an ad will run before it stops automatically playing (if you want it to play indefinitely, just leave this box unchecked).

The longer the ad plays, the more money you make from it.

5. Podcast Distribution and Promotion Features

 Podcast distribution and promotion features are the most important part of your podcasting service, because they help you to get your podcast out there into the world. You can use these features to promote your podcast on social media and other websites, or to share it with other podcasting platforms.

A good podcasting service should have a wide range of distribution and promotion features, including:

Social Media Integration. Your podcasting platform should make it easy for you to share your podcast on social media.

This might include integrations with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Podcast Discovery Tools. There are many different ways that listeners find podcasts, but there is no single best way for all podcasts.

One of the best things about having access to so many different platforms for listening is that every listener will find their own path through them all (or at least some of them). A good podcasting platform should provide tools that allow you to promote your show through each of these channels individually as well as all together in one place.

It should also provide analytics so that you can measure which ones are working best for you and optimize accordingly.


 Podbean is the leading podcasting platform. With Podbean, you can create, host, and distribute your podcast to a global audience.

Podcasters can use Podbean’s free podcast hosting service to upload and manage their audio files. Podbean also offers premium subscription packages that include additional features for podcasters to increase their audience reach.

Podbean has a number of podcast distribution and promotion features:

Podcast Hosting Features

Free Podcast Hosting – Use our free podcast hosting service to upload and manage your audio files.

Premium Podcast Hosting – Upgrade to Premium Podcast Hosting for increased storage capacity and more advanced editing tools.

Auto-Publishing – Automatically publish your podcasts from iTunes, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher, iHeartRadio or Spotify in under two minutes with our podcatcher publishing tools.

Podcast Promotion Features


 Libsyn is a podcast hosting and distribution platform that allows podcasters to manage their content and subscribers. Libsyn offers free hosting for all podcasters and charges a monthly fee for additional features like unlimited storage, custom URLs, statistics, and more.

In addition to its core features, Libsyn also offers a number of premium services that allow you to monetize your podcast and grow your audience.

Podcast Distribution Features  Libsyn

Libsyn’s podcast distribution tools are available through the Libsyn dashboard or Libsyn’s Podcast Publisher app. These tools include:

Podcast Pages – Create custom pages for each episode of your podcast so listeners can easily find new episodes and subscribe using iTunes or other popular media players.

Podcast Player – Create custom players that allow listeners to download episodes or stream them directly from your website without having to use a media player application.

Podcast Analytics – Track downloads, listens, and other statistics from inside the Libsyn dashboard.


 Here’s a quick overview of the features that Buzzsprout offers that makes it a great podcast distribution platform.

Podcast hosting: Buzzsprout offers unlimited storage, bandwidth and web hosting for your podcast episodes. It also includes an episode player widget that you can embed on your site and social media pages.

Podcast statistics: Buzzsprout provides detailed analytics for your podcast including stats on downloads, unique listeners, geographic location and more. It also allows you to segment your audience based on their location and interests so you can better target your marketing efforts.

Podcast promotion: Buzzsprout offers several ways to promote your podcast including ads in the iTunes store, Facebook ads and Google AdWords campaigns. You can also create custom landing pages for each episode to drive traffic back to your website where you can monetize visitors using lead capture forms or sales funnels.

6. Third-Party Integrations

 Third-party integrations are a great way to take your business to the next level. They can help you reach new customers, increase sales, lower costs, and so much more.

The essential element of a successful integration is that it is seamless. You should be able to connect with the third-party system using your existing interface, without having to learn a new interface or create a separate set of credentials.

We’ll walk you through how to integrate with the most common third parties:

CRMs, such as Salesforce and HubSpot

Payment processors like Stripe, PayPal and Square

Marketing automation tools like HubSpot and Marketo


 Podbean is a powerful podcast publishing tool that makes it easy for podcasters to create, grow and monetize their shows. Podbean is a third-party integration with PodcastOne, which means you can use Podbean to manage your PodcastOne account and upload your podcasts directly from Podbean.

Podbean has a number of features that make it an excellent option for uploading podcasts. For example:

Automatically publish new episodes as they’re recorded on your phone or computer.

Use the built-in media player to listen while editing or add links to other audio files in the same episode so you can switch between them seamlessly.

Create custom tags and categories for each episode, which allows you to organize your content into groups, making it easier for listeners to find what they’re looking for.


 Libsyn is the world’s largest podcast hosting company, and we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your podcasting needs. We have a variety of features that help you grow your audience, monetize your show and streamline your production workflow.

But we don’t stop there. We also offer integrations with third-party services that make it easier to manage your show and grow your audience.

Third-Party Integrations

These integrations are designed to help you integrate Libsyn’s features with third-party services you already use. Some of these integrations do require additional fees, but they’re worth it if they save you time or money!


 Third-Party Integrations

Buzzsprout supports third-party integrations, which allow you to import data from other services into your Buzzsprout account. This is a powerful feature that can save you time and help you get more out of your podcast statistics.

Here are some of the popular third-party integrations we support:

Google Analytics – Connect Google Analytics to your Buzzsprout account to track your podcast’s website traffic.

Facebook Insights – Connect Facebook Insights to your Buzzsprout account to track the performance of your Facebook ads.

Twitter Ads – Connect Twitter Ads to your Buzzsprout account and see how well your ads are performing on Twitter.

7. Mobile App

 Mobile App is an application that can be installed on your smartphone and tablet. Mobile apps are written in different languages like Java, Objective-C and Swift.

Mobile apps are a great way to engage with your customers. They allow you to push content directly to the user’s phone or tablet.

This could be anything from a simple notification about new products, special offers or even delivery updates.

Mobile apps are also used for marketing purposes such as displaying location-based information, news feeds and more. Mobile apps allow users to access the same information on their personal device as they do on their desktop computer or laptop.

Another benefit of mobile apps is that they can collect data about how users interact with your app – which can help you improve future versions of the app based on what users want most from it.


 Podbean is the world’s most popular podcasting platform, with over 1 million shows and over 100 million downloads. Over 50% of the top 1,000 podcasts are hosted on Podbean.

Podbean is ideal for anyone who wants to start a podcast, including beginners and experts alike. We offer an easy-to-use interface, powerful tools, and unlimited storage. Plus we’re affordable whether you’re recording just one episode or producing multiple episodes per week.

We make it easy to record your first show using our state-of-the art mobile app! Our mobile apps are great tools for both new and experienced podcasters alike.

Our mobile apps make it easy to manage your shows on the go!


 Mobile App Libsyn

Libsyn’s new mobile app is now available for Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire.

What is it?

The Libsyn mobile app allows you to manage your podcast from wherever you are. You can manage episode files, add new episodes and edit existing ones, as well as view stats and more. The app also makes managing a bit more fun with interactive charts and graphs.

Who is it for?

If you’re a podcaster who wants to stay on top of their show while on the go, the Libsyn mobile app is a must-have tool in your arsenal. The app allows you to keep up with all aspects of your show while out and about, which means less time wasted when you’re away from home base.


 Mobile App Buzzsprout

The Buzzsprout mobile app is a FREE tool that allows you to access all of the features of Buzzsprout from your phone, giving you the power to manage your podcast from anywhere.

In addition to being able to easily upload new shows and episodes, you can also listen to your podcasts on the go. The app also includes fun features like automatic downloading of new episodes as they become available, so you can hear your latest episode even if you don’t have an internet connection at the time!

You can also get notifications when new episodes are released or when someone subscribes or unsubscribes from your show.

8. Customer Support

 Customer support is a vital part of any business. It’s not enough to sell a product or service; you have to be there when something goes wrong and offer help to your customers.

Customer support can take many forms, depending on the type of company you are in and what kind of products or services you sell. If you sell physical goods, for example, then customer support may involve shipping orders and answering questions about returned merchandise.

If your business involves online sales or services, then customer support will likely take place over email or phone conversations.

Customer support is also important because it helps build trust between you and your customers they know that they can rely on you if they need help with something related to your business.


 Podbean is dedicated to providing a great experience for our customers. We’re committed to resolving your issue as quickly as possible.

Please read through this entire document before submitting a support ticket. You may find the answer to your question here, saving you time and effort in submitting a ticket.

If you are unable to find an answer in this document or on our knowledge base (http://help.podbean.com), please submit a support ticket by clicking ‘Send Feedback’ at the bottom of any Podbean page.

You will receive an email from us with instructions on how to access your support ticket once it is created.


 Customer Support Libsyn

Libsyn offers the best in customer support. We’re here to help you with whatever questions you may have about your account, whether it’s billing, uploading, or podcasting. If you need help, we’re here! Our support team is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific time (12pm to 8pm Eastern time), but we do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Our support team is here to help answer questions and address issues related to your account. If your question is not addressed below, feel free to send us an email at support@libsyn.com with any other questions or concerns.

Billing Questions


 We know that your customers are the lifeblood of your business. That’s why we offer phone support, email support, and live chat support for all Buzzsprout customers.

Our phone support is available from 9:00am to 5:00pm PST Monday through Friday. You can reach us at (800) 441-8847 or by clicking this link: https://buzzsprout.com/contact/.

Our email support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will respond within 24 hours during normal business hours (Monday – Friday). If you need assistance outside of these hours, please use our contact form below or call (800) 441-8847.

9. Pricing Plans

 Price is a major consideration when you are choosing a web hosting provider. The cost of the hosting plan depends on many factors, including your requirements and the features offered by the company.

You can choose from three types of hosting plans: shared, reseller and VPS.

Shared Hosting Plan

A shared hosting plan is suitable for small websites with fewer than 100 visitors per day. This type of hosting plan provides all the services required for running a website, such as storage space and bandwidth. You pay one monthly fee for accessing these services.

Shared Hosting Plans – Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits of Shared Hosting Plans:

It’s cheap You only pay one monthly fee for accessing all the services required for running a website. This makes it easy to manage your budget if you’re looking at launching multiple sites or just starting out with your first site.

Drawbacks of Shared Hosting Plans:

Limited Resources There’s no guarantee that your host will have enough resources available to handle your traffic spikes or other demands on its servers (such as if you have an unexpected spike in traffic or decide to run an intensive app). If this happens, it could lead to downtime or slow page loads for users who visit your site


 Podbean is a podcast hosting service that offers four different plans, each with its own set of features. Podbean also offers the ability to upgrade your account at any time.

Here’s a look at Podbean’s pricing plans:

Basic Podcasting Plan: $4/month

This plan allows you to upload up to 10 episodes, publish an RSS feed, and access all features of the platform, including custom domains and unlimited storage. It also includes free analytics support and one month free of eCommerce software (for selling digital products).

Premium Podcasting Plan: $10/month

This plan allows you to host up to 100 episodes, publish an RSS feed, and access all features of the platform. It also includes free analytics support and one month free of eCommerce software (for selling digital products).

Pro Podcasting Plan: $20/month

This plan allows you to host as many episodes as you like with no restrictions on storage space. It also includes premium analytics support, one year free upgrade guarantee, 5GB storage space per episode, unlimited bandwidth and more.

Enterprise Podcasting Plan


 Libsyn is one of the most popular podcast hosting platforms. The platform offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well as some advanced podcasting features like chapter markers and image hosting.

Libsyn also offers a range of pricing plans that can accommodate all types of podcasters. With each plan, you get access to all of Libsyn’s features. Here’s a breakdown of the different plans:

The Basic plan costs $5 per month or $50 per year and includes up to 100 MB storage space and up to 500 downloads per episode (a higher number of downloads is available for an additional fee).

The Plus plan costs $12 per month or $99 per year and includes up to 1 GB storage space and unlimited downloads per episode.

The Pro plan costs $25 per month or $199 per year and includes up to 2 GB storage space and unlimited downloads per episode.

The Business plan costs $50 per month or $399 per year and includes up to 5 GB storage space, unlimited downloads, an RSS feed with custom domain support and more advanced analytics tools.


 Buzzsprout offers a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of all types of podcasters.

Buzzsprout’s pricing is simple, transparent, and affordable. We offer three different plans: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

Standard is our most popular podcasting plan and includes unlimited uploads and downloads, unlimited website hosting, and access to all Buzzsprout apps (including our new WordPress plugin). It’s $12.99/month with no contract required.

Pro includes everything in the Standard plan plus advanced features like Trim Clips, Spoilers, and Variable Player Speeds. It’s $19.99/month with no contract required.

Enterprise includes everything in Pro plus custom branding capabilities for your player page and a dedicated account manager to handle any questions or concerns you may have about your podcasting needs. It’s $49.99/month with no contract required

Podbean Pros and Cons     

 Podbean Pros

It’s free. Podbean is a very affordable way to get your podcast started. You can even listen to some of their featured podcasts on their website, and there are plenty of other free or cheap ways to get started with podcasting, but none will offer the ease of use as Podbean does.

It has a wide range of features. Podbean offers some great features like scheduled publishing, RSS feed, iTunes compatibility and more.

Podbean Cons

It’s not easy for advanced users. The Podbean interface may be simple for beginners, but advanced users might find it difficult to use at first glance (though it does become easier after using it for a while). It also doesn’t have as many advanced options as some other platforms do (such as Libsyn).

Libsyn Pros and Cons          

 Libsyn is one of the oldest and most popular podcast hosting sites. It’s also one of the most expensive.


The Libsyn platform is easy to use, and there are no confusing settings or features to deal with. You can upload your podcast episodes, create show notes and description pages, schedule your podcast for publishing, and edit your RSS feed.

Libsyn also offers a few additional features that may be useful for some podcasters, including audio player widgets for website integration and social media promotion, analytics tools and a WordPress plugin (which I’ll discuss later).


Libsyn isn’t cheap it costs $5 per month to host a podcast on their basic plan, which only allows up to 250MB of storage space per month. The Pro plan costs $15 per month and allows up to 1GB of storage space per month; this is still extremely limited compared to other services in this price range (more on that later).

You’ll also need to pay extra for bandwidth overages beyond the allotted amount provided by your subscription level these fees start at $0.30 (USD) per gigabyte downloaded above your allotted limit each month.

If you’re just starting out as a podcaster, Libsyn might be

Buzzsprout Pros and Cons 

 Buzzsprout is a great tool for managing your podcast. It’s easy to use, has a ton of great features, and it’s affordable.

Buzzsprout Pros:

It’s affordable. You can get started for as little as $20/month.

It’s easy to use. The interface is clean and intuitive.

It’s also responsive so it works well on mobile devices.

The platform is robust with lots of great features like an integrated feed management system and episode analytics.

You can upload your episodes directly into iTunes and Google Play Music, or you can use the platform’s built-in RSS feed management system to submit them to other directories manually if you want more control over where they appear in search results.

Podbean vs Libsyn vs Buzzsprout – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Podbean, Libsyn and Buzzsprout?

Podbean, Libsyn and Buzzsprout are all podcast hosting platforms. They allow you to upload your episodes, create your show and publish them to the web. They also come with a lot of additional features such as stats, social media integration and even the ability to sell your own products.

These platforms can be used to host any kind of podcast including music and audiobooks. Podbean is an all-in-one solution that allows you to create a radio station if you want too but it comes with a price tag (see below).

Libsyn only allows you to host podcasts and Buzzsprout is similar except they also provide social media features such as Facebook Pages, Twitter profiles and more.

How much does it cost?

Podbean offers three different pricing plans: Basic($10/month), Premium($30/month) or Premium Plus($50/month). You can see what each plan includes here: https://www.podbean.com/pricing

Libsyn offers two different pricing plans: Pro($12/month) or Pro Unlimited($20/month). You can see what each

Podbean vs Libsyn vs Buzzsprout – Wrapping Up

Podbean, Libsyn, and Buzzsprout are three of the most popular podcast hosting services on the market. Each one offers a variety of pricing plans, so it’s important to consider your needs before making a buying decision.

The following table summarizes some key features of each service:

Feature Podbean Libsyn Buzzsprout

Pricing Plans Starter $12/month Basic $20/month Plus $40/month Pro $100/month Premium $250/month

Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB per month for Pro plan and up

Custom Domain Yes Yes Yes Yes

Hosting Platform WordPress WordPress WordPress WordPress or custom PHP code (custom code costs extra)

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