Playstation Assist- Sony’s brand new smart assistant

Playstation Assist, according to the new patents filed with the World Intellectual Property organization by Sony, is revealed to be a smart voice assistant that they are planning to launch with PS5, this holiday season.

Playstation Assist is a software utilizing deep learning and AI to advise players whenever they are stuck. Much like Amazon Alexa and other smart speakers, it is a voice assistant to which players can ask basic questions to avail of help. It shall also have a wake word like “Hey playstation.”

Users can modify how frequent or rare they want the assistance to pop up, so as to not get irritated with too many suggestions. They can ask questions like “How do I kill the dragon” and “Where is the nearest health pack” and so forth. The smart voice assistant shall analyze the depth and situations of the player and provide help accordingly.

Playstation Assist will be available on phones and other devices, so it isn’t sure if this feature has been rolled out for the masses, or exclusively for PS5.

Why is Sony planning to launch Playstation Assist?

Its sole purpose is to provide assistance to the player whenever he or she gets stuck. The player can place a query to a back-end assist server. Playstation Assist will analyze the query and respond accordingly.

The query can be of any format or a combination of formats, such as an image, a video, a voice command, etc. The Playstation Assist is programmed to match the query to modeled responses based on the context of the current game the player is playing.

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What can Playstation Assist do?

Here are all the possibilities (which can be expanded, let’s wait till the holiday season to find out) that Playstation Assist can do:

  1. Provide information regarding a certain aspect of the game.
  2. Schedule a time to play with friends.
  3. Fetch character information, strategy information, overall popularity of the gaming application, and so forth.
  4. Discover what game a friend is playing by running a quick glance through the cloud-based gaming service.
  5. Obtain purchase information regarding a particular gaming application.
  6. Obtain information about how to overcome an obstruction a player is facing that is preventing him or her from advancing further and much more!
The voice assistant will analyze the depth and position of the player, along with the situation and itself shoot advice and recommendations to help the player cross obstacles.

And all of this can be done just with the help of Voice, thanks to voice technology.

How will the aforementioned specificities improve the gaming experience?

With Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana, it is distinctly visible that Sony wanted to keep no stone unturned to battle the competition.

They have introduced Playstation Assist solely to make the gaming experience more immersive. Rather than just playing, users can now interact with their PlayStations and hold conversations.

They can also avail assistance, which makes the whole experience seamless and interactive. They have implemented voice technology to provide more psychological and informational support to the players while gaming.

We can’t deny, we really hope this patent comes to life!

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