‘Pinna’ and ‘The Birthday Show’ Offer Original Kids Content

Erica Rabner is featured on Pinna for Kids

What if there was an ad-free streaming service with original content custom-made for youngsters? That would be Pinna, which is offering 30 days of free listening (60 days using the code PINNA4KIDS). The service was founded last year and has partnered with Scholastic, Random House, and American Public Media, among other sources.

Podcasting may not be brand new, but it is certainly “of” this generation. Pinna includes dozens of podcasts for children, and pledges that their content is 100% child-friendly within their confines. Making all the shows positively positivity for sheltering minds.

Pinna has released an original kid-friendly album called Real Me, showcasing 10 new songs, written and produced by kindie artist Erica Rabner. Real Me also features tracks with the Alphabet Rockers and Tim Kubart.

Here is the video for Real Me:

Former Sprout personality and Grammy winner Tim Kubart is also a participant in the new Birthday Show, a daily interactive kids program for kids ages 3-8 from video startup Hellosaurus. You can sign up for adult notifications. The login page has a handy dandy countdown that tells you when the next show is going live.

Tim Kubart is featured on The Birthday Show

The Birthday Show is the latest effort from Hellosaurus, and is being touted as an interactive mobile video platform for kids from the people who launched HQ Trivia, Toca Boca, and Peekaboo Barn.

Striving to be truly interactive, The Birthday Show allows sheltering kids at home to play use their computer, tablet, or touchscreen phone to engage in classic party games like piñata and treasure hunt, blow out candles, “eat” the cake, and unwrap a present. Past guest stars have included Genevieve GoingsEmily Arrow, and trumpet virtuoso Benny Benack III.

Like Pinna, Hellosaurus started last fall, just in time to (unfortunately) be ready for the COVID crisis. You can view past episodes of The Birthday Show at their website.

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