Our biggest remaining PlayStation VR2 questions have been answered

Onward and upward with a brand-new VR system.

Enlarge / Onward and upward with a brand-new VR system. (credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Ahead of Sony's arrival at this weekend's 2022 Tokyo Games Show, the company's PlayStation division pushed a bunch of online news onto fans over the past 24 hours. The biggest news arguably came from hands-on and eyes-on impressions of its PlayStation VR2 add-on for the PS5 console.

The new virtual reality system, slated for an "early 2023" retail launch, is now being talked about outside Sony's careful public relations hands, and its earliest testers have offered impressions of both the hardware and some of its apparent launch software.

PSVR2: What we already knew

  • Say so long to the original PSVR's glowing blue lights. [credit: PlayStation Blog ]

Thanks to Sony's announcements from earlier this year, we know that PSVR2's OLED display packs a pixel resolution of 4000×2040, which can run VR software in either 90 Hz or 120 Hz modes. That performance is boosted by a new foveated rendering system, which is meant to emphasize full pixel resolution where your eyes are focused and blur the parts where your eyes are not—and this, unsurprisingly, is coupled with new internal eye-tracking sensors.

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