Netflix might be planning to get into games

Netflix is already sitting pretty as the for-now undisputed ruler of the long-form streaming world, but according to a new report it might also have its eye on another massive cultural market - video games. 

The idea is that Netflix, seeing the success of its interactive titles, like the Black Mirror spin-off Bandersnatch, could see a profitable horizon in offering options that are closer to full games than movies. 

It seems frankly far-fetched, and it really isn't that long since CEO Reed Hastings was effectively rubbishing the idea in 2019: "We compete by doing the most amazing TV shows you’ve ever seen so you put down Fortnite and you come to watch our shows."

Still, things can change quickly for huge businesses like this, and a new report from The Information claims that Netflix is attempting to recruit experienced individuals in the games industry to help it level up its approach. 

Whether that would mean that your Netflix subscription might eventually include access to a games streaming service like Stadia, or whether it would constitute a basically separate offering, is still entirely unknown at this stage. 

Responding to GameSpot about the report, Netflix fanned the flames, too - "we’re excited to do more with interactive entertainment". That's an interesting choice of words, so it'll be intriguing to discover, in time, exactly what it means by interactive. 

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