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Mr & Mrs Questions

Surprise surprise! Nope, it’s not Cilla, it’s me, your Friday quiz Queen Becky. It seemed fitting that I put this post together for you today all about the ultimate wedding (and hen do) quiz, Mr & Mrs. Whether you’re a Mr & Mrs, a Mr & Mr, a Mrs & Mrs or anything in between, you can have great fun with this game that’s all about how well you know each other as a couple. Whether you play it at your wedding or on your respective hen do or stag do, it can be a lot of fun. So without further ado, here’s the ultimate list of Mr & Mrs questions.

How To Play Mr & Mrs At A Wedding

The premise of the game is very simple. Your quiz host selects questions from the list below (you can download them here) and asks each of you to answer them before the wedding. You can answer the same or different questions, there are no rules around that. The host then asks each of you a question in turn and if your answer matches up with the answer that your other half gave then you get a point/a cheer. If your answer doesn’t match up then you get no points/a forfeit (it can make for a fun drinking game – if your couple aren’t drinkers there are alternative forfeits such as adding items of fancy dress or picking from a bag of gross flavoured jelly beans). At the end of the game you can add up the points/measure who is the drunkest and that will determine which one of you knows the other the best. The winner will be able to lord that win over the other for the rest of their married lives together 😉.

How To Play Mr & Mrs At A Hen Do

If you are using the quiz as a hen do or stag do game then your host will send the questions to your partner and get them to answer. Your host will question you and reveal your partner’s answer. You can work out relevant prizes/forfeits depending on the sort of things your bride/groom is in to. To add an extra element of fun the host could get your partner to film themselves giving their answers and play it out during the game.

If you’re in charge of putting together the quiz then it’s worth considering your audience. If it’s at a hen do maybe you can throw in some of the more risque questions (if your bride would be cool with that) but if it’s at the wedding, in front of Great Aunt Phylliss, you might want to save your bestie the embarrassment.

Mr & Mrs Questions

The questions below can be asked to both people (‘and the same question to you John’) but I’ve also included some hen/stag do specific ones which are worded slightly differently so you can pick and choose which are relevant to you.

1. Where were you when you first said ‘I love you’?
2. What did your partner say is their worst habit?
3. In a fire, what is the first thing your partner would grab?
4. What are you most likely to argue about?
5. What did your partner say is your worst habit?
6. What is your partners biggest fear?
7. What is your partner most proud of about you?
8. What is your partner’s star sign?
9. If you compared yourself to a celebrity couple, who would it be?
10. Where is your dream holiday destination?
11. What was the last film that your partner cried at?
12. Who is your partner’s celebrity crush?
13. What is their favourite crisp flavour?
14. Who is the funniest?
15. Who takes the longest to get ready?
16. Which Disney character would they most like to be?
17. Who is the best dancer?
18. What three words would your partner use to describe you?
19. Who takes up the most room in bed?
20. Would you rather spend a night out together or a night in together?
21. Which one of you would make the best politician?
22. Who is the best cook?
23. Who is the better driver?
24. If they could only eat one thing for the rest of their lives, what would it be?
25. What is their dream job?
26. What’s your partner’s favourite ice cream flavour?
27. Where was your first kiss?
28. What was the first film you saw together?
29. Where was your first date?
30. Who does your partner do the best impression of?
31. What was your partner’s first job?
32. What is the first thing your partner does in the morning?
33. Who is more dramatic?
34. What was your partner’s first pet called?
35. How many times did your partner take their driving test before they passed?
36. Who would play your partner in a movie?
37. Which perfume/aftershave does your partner wear the most?
38. Which perfume/aftershave reminds your partner of you?
39. Name all of your partner’s cousins
40. What three things would they take with them to a desert island?
41. What item of your clothing does your partner dislike the most?
42. What does your partner think they are good at but they actually aren’t?
43. If your partner was a superhero, who would they be?
44. What attracted you to your partner?
45. Who is their favourite band/group?
46. What does your partner call you?
47. What’s their favourite alcoholic drink?
48. Which of you is the best dancer?
49. How do they take their tea/coffee?
50. What shoe size are they?
51. What is your partner’s favourite meal?
52. What is your partner most looking forward to about the wedding?
53. Which celebrity, dead or alive, would your partner most like to have dinner with?
54. Which celebrity does your partner look most like?
55. Which one of you is better looking?
56. What trait of yours is your partner’s favourite?
57. Who is better at DIY?
58. What is your partner’s favourite book?
59. Who would their ‘phone a friend’ be if they were on a game show?
60. What was the one message your partner gave me to read to you for the end of this quiz?

Hen Do Mr & Mrs Questions

1. Where’s the most adventurous place you’ve had sex?
2. How would you describe your partners kissing technique?
3. How many dates did you go on before you did the deed?
4. If your partner was going to lick food off you, what would they choose?
5. What does your partner think your bra size is?

Print out our questions here to make the process super easy for yourself or you can just download it, email it over to them and get them to fill out the interactive PDF. We hope you have a blast playing along! And if you want to check out the wedding at the top of the post to see their game of Mr & Mrs, you can view it here.

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