Mini Review: Job Simulator (PSVR2) - A Port Worthy of a Promotion


Job Simulator’s enduring popularity is no coincidence: it is, after all, the quintessential virtual reality game. Spread across four impressively interactive occupations, you’ll turn your comically exaggerated hands to all kinds of amusing tasks, like cooking the books as an office worker and dealing with a robbery as a convenience store clerk. As with the original PSVR version, the gameplay feels chunky and responsive, and it’s made even more tactile thanks to the accuracy of the PSVR2 Sense Controllers.

The ongoing gag is that said “simulations” are being conducted by robots (depicted as 90s CRT monitors with expressive faces on their screens) in attempt to help them better understand the lives of humans. Of course, they haven’t quite grasped the concept of “work”, so while many of the activities will feel familiar, they’re pointed and chaotic, underlining the stupidity and tedium of it all. The title’s laugh out loud funny from beginning to end, and is a rare example of interactive comedy that’s genuinely funny.

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