Mini Review: Across The Grooves - A Time-Travelling Tale That’s All About Relationships

Time after time.

Across the Grooves is an interactive graphic novel that puts you in the shoes of Alice. Having lived a relatively normal existence thus far, Alice’s life is turned upside down when she receives an odd package from her ex, Ulysse. A vinyl record is contained within, and when Alice plays it, she’s launched back into the past to relive old memories. Upon returning to the present, she finds that certain aspects of her life have been drastically altered.

From this point on, the game effectively plays out like a mystery story, with bits of romance thrown in here and there. You’ll visit numerous locations, from the starting point in Bordeaux to the centre of London and up to Glasgow, and you’ll meet many different characters as you search for answers. There’s a real sense of magical-realism within the game, as it deals with aspects like time-travel and alternate realities, but it’s very much a grounded experience and focuses more so on the relationships that centre around Alice’s life.

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