Meet Your Maker Will Continue to Expand on PS5, PS4 Beyond Its PS Plus Launch

The long game.

The words live service send shivers down the spines of long-time readers, but it’s not always a bad thing – after all, there’s very little wrong with getting more of a game you love. Meet Your Maker, which will launch next week at no extra cost for PS Plus subscribers, is certainly hoping to maximise its potential with post-release support – and the vast majority of it will be free.

Behaviour Interactive, perhaps learning from its approach with Dead by Daylight, has a pretty robust plan laid out. It’ll all begin a couple of weeks after release, with the addition of an entirely new Deco Pack, allowing you to customise your labyrinths with an eerie mix of synthetic and organic matter. “Pulsing animations and sinister lighting will make players feel as though they’re raiding inside a living organism,” the press release reads. Lovely.

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