Maid of Sker Brings Welsh Horror to PS4 Later This Month

Calon Lân.

The survival horror experience Maid of Sker from Wales Interactive now finally has a confirmed PlayStation 4 release date. The title, which is based on folklore from the publisher's home country, will be available on the PlayStation Store from 21st July 2020 with a physical version following a week later. What's more, we've also got a new gameplay trailer which details the sort of mechanics and enemies you'll be engaging with. You can check that out above.

The game will have you avoiding all sorts of monsters by sticking to the shadows and making as little noise as possible while solving puzzles through an inventory busting with clues and objects. You'll also be able to hold your breath if you alert a foe and frustrate them with specific weapons, as the trailer shows. Will you be playing Maid of Sker towards the end of July? Don't frighten us in the comments below.

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