Kids Playroom Ideas

Are you planning to create a playroom for your kids? Check out these Kids Playroom Ideas and tips to help you plan a fun place for your kids to play!

Kids Playroom Ideas

Playroom decorating can seem like a daunting task. The room should be fun, and a place that kids want to be, while remaining safe, easy to clean and stain resistant.

This makes finding playroom rugs and floor coverings, as well as kid’s playroom furniture a double edged task.

Kid Playroom Ideas

Playroom Wall Ideas

While it can be tempting to paint walls in fun and whimsical designs, the best wall coverings are both those that can protect walls, and those that can be easily removed.

Covering walls with chalkboards, cork board and built in bookcases, can help make the walls of the room interactive, while allowing the walls behind to remain relatively unscathed. As children get older, and the playroom is converted to a recreation room, the chalkboards and cork boards can be easily removed.

Kids Playroom Ideas

Any remaining wall space, like that above chalk boards, or on small, uncovered walls, can be decorated with vinyl wall art.

With bright colors, and countless designs, vinyl wall art coverings can be safely applied to and removed from nearly any surface.

This can help brighten a room, adding color and detail, that can be easily and inexpensively removed and replaced as children grow, and their tastes change.

Bookshelves and built in cubbies can help organize the room, allowing children to keep art supplies, toys and games separate. Be sure to bolt any large or heavy wall furniture directly to the wall to help ensure safety.

Kids Playroom Ideas

Playroom Rugs and Floor Coverings

Playroom floor coverings should be inviting to children. This means keeping the floor coverings soft and warm, to allow for floor play, tumbling and rolling.

If installing wall to wall carpeting in the room, consider layering inexpensive throw rugs on top. This will help preserve the permanent rug from paint, stains and spills, while adding additional cushion to the floor.

The throw rugs can be removed for easy cleaning, or replaced as needed, with little difficulty or expense.

Another great option for playroom floors is to use carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are pieced together of multiple squares, and can incorporate many different colors and designs.

One of the great things about carpet tiles is the ability to replace single tiles if they become stained or damaged beyond repair.

Foam, interlocking floor tiles in bright, primary colors also make great floor coverings, particularly for toddlers and other young children.

The foam tiles are easy on the knees of small children who spend a great deal of time on the floor, and they can be easily pulled apart and reconfigured into different color patterns, changing the look of the room.

When they are outgrown, the foam tiles can be pulled up easily, exposing the under floor covering for older kids.

Kids Playroom Ideas

Kid’s Playroom Furniture

Kid’s playroom furniture should be easy to clean, and light enough to be easily moved around the room as needed.

Bean bag chairs make excellent seating for small children, as they can be dragged about easily, often have removable and washable covers, and can accommodate kids falling and rough housing on them.

Kids play tables should have tops made of materials that are easy to clean, such as plastics and vinyls. Save the wood and glass furniture for when they are older and use the highest set of tables and chairs that the child can safely use, as this will help prolong their use as children grow.

Keep lighting and lamps hung from the walls and ceilings as much as possible, to avoid having lamps and fixtures that could potentially be knocked over and broken during play.

The room should be inviting and comfortable; avoid any materials or furniture pieces that would require care.

kids playroom ideas

A Kid’s Playroom

A kid’s playroom should be able to grow with the child, accommodating their changing needs. In time, the playroom can be converted to a recreation room that the whole family can enjoy.

In the meantime, the playroom can serve as a place for kids to reign, while keeping the rest of the house clutter free.

Keep an eye to the changing needs of the children, and be sure to use materials that can be easily washed or removed as time goes on, and create a playroom any child can call their own.

Kids Playroom Ideas

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