ICYMI here are all the feel-good games mentioned in the Wholesome Direct

On May 26 at 1PM ET, Wholesome Games released the Wholesome Direct 2020 video showing 54 "cute and cozy" indie games that will release on various platforms within the next few years. If, like me, you've been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and are looking for something similarly relaxing to play then you really ought to give these games a look.

Every game listed during the Wholesome Direct

Over 50 indie games were shown during the Wholesome Direct. Here's a brief description of each one, along with the release date, and the platforms they'll be releasing on.

Button City — Steam (2020)

You play as Fennel the fox who is trying to work with his friends to save the local arcade from being torn down. Its inspired by 90s kids movies like The Little Rascals and The Mighty Ducks.

Errand Boy — Epic Games Store & Xbox One (Q2 2021)

You play as a little monster who delivers errands for the creatures in his town. Bring joy to others as the world around you is falling apart.

Ooblets (early access) — Steam (Available Now)

This is both a life simulator and a creature collection game. Participate in dance battles, collect the little Oob creatures, customize your character, tend your plants, and explore this charming world.

Kind Words — Steam (TBD)

Write nice letters to real strangers and unlock goodies for doing so. This game is all about lifting up those around you with a kind word.

Snacko — Steam (TBD)

A farming adventure game where you play as a cat and discover a once-populated island. You get to fish, collect materials, and raise animals while playing as a 2D cat in a 3D world.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale — Steam (TBD)

This adventure RPG has you playing as a little dog with her paintbrush. Color has been taken from the world and players get to color in variou locations like pages of a coloring book.

The Spirit and the Mouse — PC (2021)

This exploration game has you playing as Lila the mouse who does her best to help a friendly spirit bring happiness to the people in her village.

Spiritfarer — Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows (Late 2020)

Play as Stella, a ferrymaster, who's job it is to help the deceased find their way into the afterlife. Care for your spirit friends and explore this beautiful world.

Sayri: The Beginning — PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows (2020)

Sayri has crash landed on an alien world and must make new friends to survive. Team up with other creatures to solve puzzels and overcome challenges in this adorable game.

Mondo Museum — Steam (2020)

This curator simulator allows you to build your dream museum. Choose where various exhibits go and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Bird Alone — iOS (2020)

Become good friends with a lonely bird as you create art, plant a garden, and talk about life.

Little Witch in the Woods — Nintendo Switch, PC (Winter 2020)

Play as Ellie, an apprentice witch, who is in training for the next three years. You'll make positions, studies magical creatures, and helps the local townsfolk on your quest.

TOEM — Steam (Q1 2021)

Travel around to different locations and take pictures of special moments with your camera. This game employs a unique black and white art style.

Winding Worlds — Apple Arcade (Available Now)

This puzzle adventure is about a girl named Willow who's out to help her friend. It's a heartwarming tale that takes you through the process of saying goodbye.

Tokotoko: Hako & Friends — Android and iOS (Available Now)

Tokotokos are creatures from another world who each have their own personalities and different artistic preferences. Get to know each of them in this adorable game as you solve puzzles with real drawings.

When the Past was Around — PC (2020)

This is a point and click puzzle game that centers around moving, letting go, and learning to love.

A Space for the Unbound — PC (2020)

This story centers around overcoming depression and the developing relationship between a boy and a girl

Book of Travels — PC (2020)

Book ot Travels is a serene multiplayer RPG that takes place in a fairytale world. Explore the land without feeling the restraint of linear plots or quests.

Garden Story — PC (TBD)

Garden Story is a social simulator and adventure game where you play as a grape who does all they can to make friends and help the community.

Dépanneur Nocturne — Steam (Available Now)

In Dépanneur Nocturne you're on a late night quest to get a gift for your girlfriend. Shop and explore at your own pace and discover secrets while doing so.

Calico — Steam (October 2020)

Run a cat cafe and fill it with adorable creature in this slice-of-life community simulator game. There's plenty of work to do to restore the cafe to it's former glory.

Rainy Season — Steam (Summer 2020)

Explore the life of an ordinary family as they spend time inside during a rainy day. See what beautiful moments can be found in the every day.

Wayward Strand — Steam (2020)

An interactive story set in a hospital. Play as a young woman who goes about meeting the residents and uncovering mysteries.

KeyWe — PC, Mac OS (2021)

Play as two kiwi birds who must operate buttons and levers in order to operate a postal puzzle. This is a co-op puzzler for two players to enjoy.

Tracks of Thought — (2022)

Explore a bug-filled world and go on a personal journey that will help you better understand yourself.

Melon Journey 2 — Steam (2020)

This story-exploration game allows you to interact with a town filled with adorable animals. Not everything is as innocent as it seems.

Weaving Tides — Steam (2020)

Drive a carpet dragon through a weaved world in order to solve puzzles in this gorgeous game.

A Fold Apart — PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS (Available Now)

A Fold Apart is puzzle game that allows you to experience a long-distance relationship and the emotions tied to it.

SkateBIRD — Steam (2021)

Control adorable little birds as they skate around miniature skateparks crafted with household items like magazines, staplers, and TVs.

Unpacking — Steam (2021)

This zen puzzle game allows you to pull items out of boxes and place them in rooms. Will you be able to place everything without running out of room?

Sylvan Meadows — * (TBD)*

A village simultor with RPG elements. Make friends with the locals, solve thier problems, and explore this little world.

Haven — Steam (2020)

This RPG adventure follows two lovers who have escaped to a lost planet. Play solo or with two-player co-op.

Tracks - The Train Set Game — Xbox One, Microsoft Windows (2020)

Frogsong — Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS (2022)

Later Daters — Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS (Available Now)

Clouzy! — PC (2021)

Creature Resort — Android (TBD)

Pushy and Pully in Blockland — Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam (Available Now)

Onsen Master — Steam (2020)

Old Friends Dog Sanctuary — Mobile (2020)

Critter Cove — PC (2021)

Roots of Pacha — Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS (2021)

A Monster's Expedition — Microsoft Windows, macOS, Macintosh operating systems (2020)

The Other Side — Unknown (2020)

BattleCakes: A Snack-Sized RPG — PC (2021)

Alchemic Cutie — Steam (2020)

Pekoe — Unknown (TBD)

Ollie Oop— Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS (TBD)

To The Rescue! — Steam (TBD)

This adorable dog shelter simulator allows you to take care of the various animals within the shelter and help them find there forever homes. What can be more wholesome than that?

Rolling Hills: Make Sushi, Make Friends — Steam (TBD)

Himig — Unknown (2020)

Orange Island — Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Entertainment System, macOS (2020)

Misc. — Unknown (2020)

Hoa — Unknown (Late 2020)

This gorgeous game employs a Studio Ghibli-like asthetic. It's a platform adventure that tells the story of a little girl named Hoa who has lost her family. Help her on her journey back home and discover a beautifully hand-painted world along the way.

Indie fun

There are so many adorable, chill, and exciting indie games coming to various gaming platforms in the next two years. Hopefully some of the games listed in the Wholesome Direct have caught your attention and will provide you with hours of relaxing play time.

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