Hitman 3’s Free PS5, PS4 Freelancer Mode Looks Phenomenal

Good work, 47.

Hitman 3’s free new Freelancer mode is getting a closed technical test early next month on PC, ahead of its PS5 and PS4 release date on 26th January. And as part of that, Danish developer IO Interactive has treated us to an extensive look at how the roguelike-inspired extra is structured. To cut a nine-ish minute video short, it looks outstanding.

Basically, you’ll start out with nothing but a bunch of contracts to complete. You’ll have four main targets, and you’ll need to go on missions to gather intel about them. As you progress, you’ll earn in-game currency which will enable you to purchase new gear and tools. Once you reach a showdown, you’ll need to look for specific tells to ensure you’re eliminating the right person.

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