Guide: Best PS4 Games for Families to Play at Home Together

Best PS4 family games.

What are the best PS4 games for families to play together? The PlayStation 4's vast library of titles caters to every type of genre and video game player imaginable. From RPGs and first-person shooters through to driving simulators, it really does have the lot. However, occasionally you'll want to bond with your family over a good PS4 game, even if some close relatives didn't grow up with a controller in their hands. Thanks to Sony's own range of titles aimed at the family and interactive takes on classic board games, the PS4 is the perfect console to choose when it comes to sitting down with the family and engaging in a bit of video game playing. These are the best PS4 games for families to play together, and don't forget to check out our list of the best PS4 kids games. Also, you may be interested in our guides to the Best PS4 Co-Op Games and Best PS4 Local Multiplayer Games.

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