Get access to up to 25 coding classes for less than $1 each

Get the tools to code games, apps, websites, and more.

TL;DR: As of June 28, get The 2021 Ultimate Learn to Code Training, complete with 25 courses, for only $15 — an 84% discount.

Learning to code opens up all sorts of doors for you. Whether you’re looking to climb the career ladder, explore creative opportunities, or simply get a behind-the-scenes look at the way the digital world works, having a few coding languages up your sleeve can be a massive game-changer. 

Just look at John Bura, the founder of Mammoth Interactive. A lover of gaming, Bura took his passion to new heights when he learned to code back in the late 1990s. He took his newfound coding knowledge and started making games of his own — and teaching others to do the same. Now, he’s contributed to 40 commercial games for companies including Nickelodeon and produced several that have risen to the Top 10 in the App Store. He’s also taught over 400k students through Mammoth Interactive, a game development studio and online education company.

Mammoth Interactive courses teach you to build a portfolio alongside your instructor through step-by-step projects. So, rather than learning to code by reading a bunch of boring notes, you’ll learn to code by doing things like creating websites, building your own video games, or designing apps from scratch. Not only does this make the learning process a lot more enjoyable, but it also means you’ll finish your training with a portfolio to show potential employers. No wonder the programming is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Interested in starting your own coding journey with Mammoth Interactive? You’re in luck. You can kick things off with three courses covering CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for free. Valued at $99, that’s obviously a total steal. 

For a more well-rounded coding education, you can get access to even more courses for less than $2 apiece. Lifetime access to five courses is just $3; access to 10 courses is $8, and access to 15 is $10. And for the ultimate deal, you can enroll in 25 different courses for only $15.

The more courses you sign up for, the more coding languages you'll learn. Other languages include Python, Java, Amazon Honeycode, Flutter, Dart, and more. 

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