Full Time RV Family Gets Everything Right And Wants You To “Hop On”

Family photo of full time RV family, the Hintons.

Full Time RV Family Gets Everything Right And Wants You To “Hop On” 

New RVers today have it easy. The amount of available resources to teach them how it’s done is seemingly endless. Whether it’s educational courses like RV Education 101 and RV Masterclass, or simply watching other full time RVers in action and seeing how they do it.

While there are many fan favorite YouTubers out there, they usually don’t hit their stride and put all the pieces together right away, it often takes years. Unless you are Chris and Suzannah Hinton of Hinton The Trail. In less than two years, Hinton the Trail has a YouTube channel full of great videos with high production quality. They also have a polished blog and website, a catchy name, and a clever tagline to encourage subscribers…Life’s an Adventure, Hop On!

Their interactive frog map is cute and clever and reinforces the Hop On theme. Chris and Suzannah hit the road before the pandemic, so they were already well suited to weather the storm when it did hit. They spent that time creating great content and polishing their production skills, and it shows.

Full time RV living isn’t all fun and games

New RVers are an optimistic bunch, often assuming they can just hit the road, shoot some video, get a bunch of subscribers, and sit back and enjoy the RV life. But the Hintons have worked hard, building a complete brand and paying attention to the little details. 

In a recent video, Chris walks through the installation of a SoftStartRV device. SoftStartRV is a major player in the RV industry, and a valued partner of our own RV LIFE. The SoftStartRV device, one for each A/C unit you have, cuts down on the power needed to start the air conditioner in your RV. This means you can stay cooler when boondocking, and start two A/C units on 30-amp power. Learn more about SoftStartRV and save $30, $60, or $150 on our custom RV LIFE SoftStartRV page.

A lot of RVers are willing to do a quick review of tank sanitizers or test a barbecue grill or flashlight. However, not everyone is willing, or able, to climb up on the roof and do an A/C modification. That’s the commitment to the hard work the Hintons have, and it’s paying off.

Their video production

Anyone that’s done any amount of video editing knows that there is a great deal of time involved in even just creating the simplest video. When you add in high production quality, compelling thumbnails, and making sure your content is interesting, suddenly your “vacation” is anything but. Therein lies the difference between full time RV living and an RV vacation. RV living is work.

There is also the reality that creating videos is a constant effort, and you have to be “on” anytime the camera is running. You also have to commit to providing frequent content. Along with that content is social media, website creation, and finding partnerships. It’s not all fun and games.

We shouldn’t sell them short on their blog efforts either. Quality writing, great pictures, and relevant topics are key. How do you share your excitement over seeing the Grand Canyon with your readers with just words and pictures? The Hintons know how. Readers will find the content on the Hinton the Trail blog engaging and flush with great images. 

It’s all worth it in the end

Lest we think that full time RV living is all work and no play, think again. Through both the great video and blog content, the Hintons come across as happy, humorous, and genuine.

They are comfortable in front of the camera just being themselves, which is absolutely key when building a successful brand that RVers trust and enjoy watching. They have managed in a very short time to reach a level of engagement that is very satisfying for the viewer. Their shakedown video is a great introduction to full time RV living with a brand new RV, handled with humor and grace.

If you are a full time RV family, dreaming about being one, or simply want to see an enjoyable perspective on RV living, check out Hinton the Trail. Visit their website and subscribe to their YouTube Channel, and find them on social media.

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