Filament is a game to take your time with

Filament is one of those games I could play forever - gentle, dreamy, quietly cerebral. And because of that last part it's one of those games that I think I probably will be playing forever. I'm not stuck as such, but I am making progress very slowly. It feels like the right pace, though. Filament is emphatically not a game to be rushed.

You play as an astronaut exploring a largely dormant spaceship in orbit around a beautiful prog rock planet. The place feels like it's in stasis - at first, almost no doors open and the area you can move around amounts to a few rooms. But there's a voice in your head - warm and funny and filled with digressions. Someone else is on the spaceship, trapped in a room somewhere. Can you find your way to them and free them?

You do this by bringing sections of the spaceship back to life. Every now and then you come across interactive objects which house a handful of puzzles. Completing the puzzles opens a door or turns on new interactive objects and generally gives you more options. So the person who's trapped on the spaceship somewhere is guiding you, and then when you play these puzzles? Well, you're guiding someone else.

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