Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy 16: Release date, trailer and more

There are few gaming series as famous or as long-running as Final Fantasy - the towering RPG games are utterly beloved all around the world, and the series has produced multiple of the best role-playing games ever.

Unsurprisingly, it's therefore a big deal when the next Final Fantasy game gets announced, which Sony knew full well when it unveiled the game in late 2020 as part of a PS5 showcase. What do you need to know about the next big entry in the series, though? Read on to find out. 

Final Fantasy 16 trailer and release date

What we don't have immediate news on, despite the trailer showing off the game looking pretty nicely polished and having actual gameplay in it, is when Final Fantasy 16 will be coming out. 

Having had that fairly extensive reveal in late 2020, though, we're expecting more news fairly soon. Square Enix has confirmed that we'll hear more details later in 2021, and we also know a decent amount about who's in charge of the game.

It's being produced by Naoki Yoshida and directed by Hiroshi Takai, who both had a major say in the rebirth and renewed success of Final Fantasy 14, the online game that's still thriving now. Their success looks to have booked them the biggest job possible - steering the ship on a new mainline game. 

So the team looks good, and we'll just have to wait to hear more about a possible release window. We're feeling hopeful, though - the game looks in better shape than many have at the first reveal. 

Final Fantasy 16 platforms

On the platform front there's a little more clarity, as we know that the game will be a PlayStation exclusive, at least for a period, and will be coming to the PS5. There's a chance it could work on the PS4 as well, although we wouldn't bet our house on that.

We'd expect the game to likely to come to PC close to launch as well, but the question of it arriving on Xbox is a little harder to guess at. Skipping Xbox entirely would be a really bold play, though, so we imagine it'll rock up on Microsoft's next-gen consoles after a bit of time, most likely a year, has elapsed. 

Sadly, as is becoming more and more the default for big releases, we wouldn't get your hopes up about a port to the Nintendo Switch - the game looks graphically intensive, so there's little chance it will work on Nintendo's more power-limited hardware. 

Final Fantasy 16 story

Of course, the key to any Final Fantasy game is its roster of characters, and the story they're enveloped in. We can glean a fair amount about what lies in wait for us during the sixteenth game from the trailer and what information Square has released so far.

The game is set in the land of Valisthea, divided into six realms and dominated by mountainous Mothercrystals, the source of magic in the world. As you'd imagine, though, all isn't well - each nation has a Dominant in it, a living person who contains a deadly power called an Eikon. Some of these people are like royalty, while others are closer to weapons in how they're treated. 

The characters we know about so far include Clive Rosfield, who looks a lot like our central protagonist at this stage - he's sworn to protect his younger brother, Joshua, who is a Dominant. Jill Warrick, meanwhile, is a close friend to both. This trio has been detailed, but we don't know much more beyond the fact that some form of tragedy will spark a quest for revenge led by Clive. 

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay

From what we can tell of the gameplay showed off in the announcement trailer, Final Fantasy 16 looks like it's set to bring evolution, not revolution, to the series' recent gameplay. Like FF15, it would seem we'll get real-time combat to keep things active, but the system looks a little more reactive and quick.

It also all looks to have a slightly more mature tone - there's blood on show, people! Beyond that, we'd assume that we'll get an overworld to explore as in previous entries, and many sidequests to complete if we fancy. We're hopeful that this might all be a little more interactive than it was in FF15, too, with exploration in that game a little stilted by the reliance on roads - with a more high fantasy-style setting this time, we're looking forward to running around the countryside ourselves a bit more. 

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