CTCMath: A TOS Crew Review


Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew


CTCMath is the one program that fits all your students! We have been loving our 12 month family membership to CTCMath!

CTCMath gives you unlimited access to all grade levels and lessons for your K-12 students. It's a wonderful value, we've been using it for years now (check out one of our previous reviews here)

The user-friendly program uses separate logins for the parent, and each student.  The Parent Login gives you the ability to see exactly where your students are working on, how much time they are spending and a detailed description of their lesson progress. 

Parents can also set the Pass Mark - the percentage of questions answered correctly to move ahead, we use 90%.  Weekly progress emails and achievement certificates are sent directly to your inbox.

Students login to their personalized dashboard.  The program takes them directly to where they left off. One feature I love is that they get to determine the grade level, topic and even the specific math skill they want to work on, and they can work in multiple grade levels at once.  All lessons are accessible with your membership, so you can pinpoint exactly where they need to improve math skills.  

Handy placement tests can help you determine where to start. This is a great option for either using CTCMath as your main math curriculum, or using it to supplement and reinforce math skills topic by topic.

Students can personalize their background color and see their pass mark in their settings. 

Each lesson has a similar format - a short teaching Video (with that amazing accent). The videos are usually under 10 minutes long, in a whiteboard style.  My testers like that they can stop and replay the video as often as they need to. It's easy to use this program on the go with any internet access.

Lesson Summary is available as a PDF that can be downloaded and printed.  Worksheets are also available for many lessons.

After the video, students complete questions to test their understanding.  They can choose from: 
  • Short - 20 questions
  • Standard - 30 questions
  • Comprehensive - 40 questions

Questions are interactive, meaning the student gets immediate feedback for their answer - correct with a green check mark, or incorrect with a red x and the correct answer displayed.  The program records all the information, so that you can see detailed reports.

Several simple games are available to practice facts, times tables and critical thinking.  The focus of this program is solid math skills.

Lessons also feature printable Summary of the lesson that includes explanations of each question, and how to  solve correctly.

Students can also check their progress by clicking on "Progress".  I like being able to pinpoint the topics and skills they need to focus on, and they like knowing exactly where they are.

We love this comprehensive, self-paced program.  It works well for multiple children, all at varied levels. Printable versions of lessons and worksheets are available. 

 You can check it out for yourself with their Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee!

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