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As part of the Xbox Games ShowCase, we got a first look at the upcoming CrossfireX campaign. Separate from multiplayer, the campaign is developed by Remedy Entertainment in close collaboration and partnership with Smilegate Entertainment. For more information on CrossfireX multiplayer, check out Dave’s multiplayer beta impressions.

As you can see below, the trailer is fast-paced and action-packed. It gives us a look at the key characters in Operation Spectre as told from the perspective as Black List—one of two warring mercenary factions. Today, I was treated to a 15 minute demo of the campaign running on Xbox One X at 60 frames-per-second with the Communications Director and Executive Producer for CorssfireX from Remedy Entertainment. Both have been working with the Crossfire campaign for 5 years.

Developed in close collaboration with Smilegate 

Thomas, the Communications Director at Remedy Entertainment started off by giving me a little bit of background on the game and the demo. The gameplay shared is from Operation Spectre told from the point of view of Black List. Thomas explained that the demo is centred around Luis Torres, a skilled thief. He plays a big role for Black List who are trying to find him in this particular mission. The problem is, so are Global Risk and their General Maddox wants Torres dead.

I learned that CrossfireX’s campaign runs on Remedy’s own Northlight storytelling engine. Thomas explained that this allows the developers to bring the campaign to life with state of the art features. Currently, the game is still in development so things like difficulty, audio and engine optimization are still being worked on. I also learned that the campaign is made up of Operations that are split into episodes, which last about 3-4 hours each.

CrossfireX Operation Spectre gameplay demo

The demo began with Luis Torres headed back on a bus to the cartel prison for crimes he has committed. To his surprise a group of military men attempt to rescue him but not knowing who they are, Torres escapes. Seeking refuge, Torres finds a nearby hospital. Once inside, Torres encounters a member from Black List who urges him to come with him. Although Torres insists he doesn’t need any help, he follows the Black List agent as they head to the rooftop for helicopter extraction.

Escaping isn’t that easy, as Global Risk agents are on the hunt for Torres and want him dead. Confused as to why he is such a wanted man, Torres continues his fight through the hospital evading Global Risk. As Torres and the Black List agent make their way to the roof, they encounter a group of Global Risk agents.

In all of this, Torres is still puzzled as to why either faction wants him. He learns that Global Risk believes he is a threat. After strategically taking the Global Risk agents out, Torres and the Black List agent almost make it to the rooftop but are met with a jet fighter outside of the window who launches a rocket at the building.


Global List will do whatever it takes to capture Torres

Torres wakes up in the rubble. It appears as if he is alone in some sort of sewer tunnel system. As he makes his way out, Torres overhears two Global List agents looking for his dead body. Torres takes the two agents out and desperately looks for a way to escape. Though, it’s not that easy as Global List leader General Maddox knows that Torres is still alive.

As Luis makes his way outside, he discovers that an impending hurricane is about to hit. Luckily, he is greeted by two Black List agents who are there to whisk him away to safety in the back of an ambulance. Although Torres is looking to get out of town and be on his own, both Black List agents have orders to protect Torres at all costs.

As expected, the group encounters Global Risk agents who want Torres. The ambulance twists and turns its way through the streets with an armoured tank in pursuit. The demo ends as the tank is blown up while the ambulance is in a tunnel. With the tunnel crumbling all around them, the only alternative is to run the ambulance off the road into the water below.


CrossfireX is launching this year on Xbox Series X and Xbox One later this year

The brief 15 minute demo of CrossfreX’s gameplay got me intrigued. While I had somewhat of an interest in the game, the campaign demo has heighten my interest even more. What I really liked about the demo I saw was the variety of gameplay shown. One of my favourite gameplay aspects is called Combat Breaker. It’s CrossfireX’s version of bullet time, which allows you to slow down time to give you an edge in combat.

From everything I have seen so far, Remedy is doing a great job with the campaign. They have focused on conveying the comradery of a Special Operations Team and combining it with a unique cinematic experience. CrossfireX is scheduled to launch later this year Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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