Best Battle Royale games 2021: Winner winner, chicken dinner?

There are plenty of brilliant Battle Royale shooters (and even some non-shooters) out there. They're certainly not all alike, even if they are built on the same premise. For those that don't know, this is a genre of games spawned with a play style inspired by the Japanese novel and subsequent 2001 movie: "Battle Royale".

A large group of players tends to be dropped from an aeroplane onto a large island or map, where they then need to scavenge for loot and weapons while battling it out with each other until there's a final survivor or winning team left. 

To add to the tension and ensure the game doesn't end up full of campers, a randomly generated shrinking area of doom often forces players closer and closer together. Any gamers who fail to stay within the confines of this area will find their health being drained until they reach the safety of the centre. These games are not just a battle against other players, but a race against the clock. It makes them frantic, fun and highly appealing too. 

We've rounded up the best, and explained why each is worth a look.

Call of Duty: Warzone

  • What makes it interesting? Silky smooth shooting and an absolutely huge map and player count make for frenetic action
  • Publisher: Activision 
  • Developer: Infinity Ward
  • Platform: PC/PS4/Xbox One
  • Download from


Warzone now a huge name on the battle royale scene. It's a superb entry, too, with 150 players battling across a massive map set in Verdansk. Gas closes in slowly over time, to constrain the playing area in classic style.

There are vehicles to get around in, and a huge range of weapons to fight with. Plus, being based on the foundations laid by Modern Warfare, the gameplay is super smooth and gunfights are responsive and feel fair. There are also millions and millions of players right now, shortly after launch, making it a really quick process to find a game and get started. 

Warzone also brings some smart little changes, like the option to win a second airdrop after dying if you win a one-on-one gunfight, and giving you the option of contracts to complete as you move around the map to give you more to do than just loot and shoot. It's a great package that looks set to be a big player in the battle royale genre for a long time to come. 


  • What makes it interesting? CRSED (previously known as Cuisine Royale) is quite possibly the daftest of all the Battle Royale games, but it's also hilariously enjoyable. 
  • Publisher: Gaijin Distribution KFT
  • Developer: Darkflow Software
  • Platform: PC/Xbox One
  • See it on Steam

If you're looking for something a little bit different, then CRSED: F.O.A.D might well be it.

This is a third-person Battle Royale game that's free-to-play and doesn't take itself too seriously. It's based on the engine of an upcoming WW2 MMO Enlisted and both looks and plays really well.

CRSED: F.O.A.D appeals because it features brilliantly hilarious gameplay that includes some pretty nifty mechanics that really change the way you can play the game each time you play. 

As with other Battle Royale games, you're able to find and equip armour that offers different levels of protection. But, unlike other shooters in this genre, this game also has a number of other things to make it interesting.

You can find and equip various bits of kit that change the way your character reacts to the world. There's a cigar that gives you extra health, but also gives away your position with a plume of smoke; a pair of bunny slippers that allow you to jump high onto the roofs of buildings to get the upper hand on enemies but make a distinct loud sound as you do so; and winged kneepads that allow you to run fast and a bullet-deflecting frying pan that can be used as a melee weapon. 

No two games of CRSED: F.O.A.D are the same thanks to special "rituals" and traps that can be deployed by players to various effect. Some of these impact everyone in the game, others are localised to a specific area. We're big fans of one ritual that turns every toilet into a portal that teleports you across the map, a trap that drops a surprise grenade for enemies and one that unleashes a horde of zombies onto the map. 

CRSED: F.O.A.D also has characters with special abilities that can be unleashed to make things interesting. One who can use bullet time to gun down enemies, another than can go invisible, another who can call in zombies to assist them in battle and more too. There are jetpacks to make the battles aerial and all manner of vehicles to tear about in too. So much fun to be had here. 

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

  • What makes it interesting? Often seen as the original Battle Royale game and one that kickstarted it all. It's also a more serious game than most of the rest and features cross-platform play.
  • Publisher: Bluehole/Kakao Games
  • Developer: Bluehole/PUBG Corporation
  • Platform: PC/PS4/Xbox One and mobile
  • See offers at Fanatical

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, AKA PUBG, is often seen as the original Battle Royale game. However, it was actually a mix of Day-Z and H1Z1 that spawned the idea, but PUBG brought the concept more into the mainstream. 

This game was created by Brendan Greene and started life as an early access game on Steam before moving to a proper PC release. As PUBG gained traction it made its way onto console and mobile as well. 

PUBG is far more serious than other Battle Royale games and it's that tactical gameplay and team-based fun that people love. 

It pits 100 players against each other either in solo, duo or squad modes all fighting it out for the inevitable chicken dinner for the victor. 


  • What makes it interesting? Fortnite stands out from the crowd with building mechanics, a massive player base and plenty of regular updates. 
  • Publisher: Epic Games 
  • Developer: Epic Games 
  • Platform: PC/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch and mobile
  • Download from Epic


Riding on the coattails of PUBG, Fortnite smashed its way into mainstream popularity with surprising speed and ease. Its launch certainly wasn't without controversy as the makers of PUBG tried to sue Epic Games for copyright infringement, but it seemed nothing could stop the game on its path to success.

Fortnite took the already loved Battle Royale genre and improved upon it with some simple additions. 

It was immediately appealing thanks to being free-to-play, but had much more to offer beyond that. The game lets players gather resources for building that can be used to create defensive walls to protect fallen comrades, crafted into giant bases or quickly positioned into makeshift platforms into the sky to get the height advantage. This simple mechanic makes Fortnite even more frantic and interesting than other Battle Royale games. 

Cartoon graphics, emotes, outfits and much more besides make it appeal to a wider audience too. Fortnite is also regularly refreshed with new content and includes a "Battle Pass" system to unlock rewards and keep players engaged.

Blazing Sails

  • What makes it interesting? Blazing Sails is a refreshing break from the norm. A battle royale game, but on the high seas. 
  • Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
  • Developer: Get Up Games
  • Platform: PC
  • See it on Steam

Bored of the same old battle royale? How about a refreshing change where the battle takes places on the ocean. Fire off your cannons and try to sink the enemy ships while desperately to battling to keep your own craft afloat. Hilarity ensues when you find that your boat has a cork in the bottom of it that the enemy can simply pull out to make you sink. And when the end zone is so small you have to steer your ship in the tightest of circles while fighting to the last man. 

It's worth noting that Blazing Sails is also getting regular large updates with new content including new islands, cosmetics and much more besides

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

  • What makes it interesting? It's not a shooter! And it's great fun
  • Publisher: Devolver
  • Developer: Mediatonic 
  • Platform: PC and PS4
  • Download from Steam

If you want the thrill of Battle Royale gameplay without the stress and violence of shooting, Fall Guys is a new sensation that could help you out - it's a gameshow-style set of levels that 60 players start playing. A certain number will be eliminated at the end of each round, though, so it's a race to survive.

The gameplay is cutesy, raucous fun, and the challenge to win Crowns overall is fiercer than you might think. It's taken the streaming world by storm, and we're having a great time playing it, too. 

Apex Legends

  • What makes it interesting? An unusual hero class system with three-person squads.
  • Publisher: EA
  • Developer: Respawn Entertainment
  • Platform: PC/PS4/Xbox One
  • Download from Origin


Apex Legends is another in a long line of Battle Royale games, but it's also one that came out of nowhere and surprised many.

This is a Battle Royale shooter created by the team behind Titanfall. It quickly proved to be one of the most popular shooters in the genre and in the world. Like Fortnite, it's free-to-play, but also stands out from the other games with some unusual features you don't see elsewhere.

In Apex Legends, you have the ability to not only rescue downed friendly players but also to revive dead teammates as long as you can stay alive long enough to get their data chip and take it to a respawn point. 

It also has a game mode that only allows you to play with a squad of three players for the sake of balance. But, its main appeal is a hero class system that includes various "Legend" characters with different abilities and skills. This is certainly unusual as these games usually set out to put players on a level playing field, so Legends need to be carefully balanced to ensure no one player has the upper hand before the game even begins.  

Like Fortnite, Apex Legends also has a Battle Pass system with seasonal content to keep players interested. Cosmetic items, new legends to unlock and more are all designed to ensure the game stays interesting for months to come.

Ring of Elysium

  • What makes it interesting? There's actually a reason to get to the end of this game - escape from disaster. You can also get about with gliders, bikes, grappling hooks and more. 
  • Publisher: TCH Scarlet Limited
  • Developer: Aurora Studio
  • Platform: PC
  • Download it from Steam

Ring of Elysium is another free-to-play Battle Royale game that's worth checking out. It's PC-only, but is certainly drawing in the players thanks to an awesome design and great gameplay style. 

This one is different from the rest in a number of ways, the most interesting of which is an actual reason for battling it out to the centre of the ring. Disaster has struck the imaginary world and your only hope for survival is aboard a single rescue helicopter which conveniently only has enough room for up to four people. 

Ring of Elysium's locations also change dramatically as the disasters roll in, making this game a real survival experience beyond the usual PvP battles.

Throw in a healthy mix of transport modes that include gliders, grappling hooks, snowboards and more and you've got some pretty unique playstyles. If you're a fan of extreme snow sports and shooting then this is one for you. 

Forza Horizon 4: The Eliminator

  • What makes it interesting? It's a Battle Royale game with cars?
  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Developer: Playground Games
  • Platform: PC
  • See the official site


If you're bored of Battle Royale games that require you to outshoot other players, what about one where you have to outdrive them instead? The Eliminator mode in Forza Horizon 4 offers just that. Burn around the map looking for upgraded vehicles, then race your way to the final circle and victory. 

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

  • What makes it interesting? The silliest Battle Royale game around. Utterly daft physics make TABG a total hoot. 
  • Publisher: Landfall
  • Developer: Landfall
  • Platform: PC
  • See it from Steam

If you've always thought Battle Royale games are a bit too serious, then there's good news. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is anything but. Daft physics, hilarious graphics and plenty of parody-based humour make this game a real chortle. 

This game was originally made as an April Fools joke but actually turned out so well they've kept it going. The wibbly-wobbly physics, amusing character customisation and range of daft weapons make TABG a total blast.

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