18 super cool Father’s Day gifts for the tech-obsessed dad

When it comes to the latest gadgets, dads can get pretty hyped. It's impossible to say, but likely even cavemen circled up to compare their new and improved rock-based weaponry around the open fire BBQ.

These days, dad-tech looks a little different—but the obsession remains the same. However, buying gifts for men who love gadgets isn't always easy. The tech-obsessed guys in our lives are often ahead of the game, buying up the latest toys before we even know they exist. So, in an effort to help you find the gift that will beat him to the punch, we've rounded up some of the coolest gifts for gizmo-loving dads that he might not already have in his collection.

From an app-enabled meditation trainer to a wireless meat thermometer, these are some of the best Father's Day gifts for dads who love tech.

Level Touch smart lock


A pocketful of keys is so old school. The so-futuristic-it-hurts smart lock from Level Touch not only eliminates the need for carrying heavy (and pokey) keys, but prevents the "wait, did I lock the door?" panic that only happens when you're too far to turn back. The compact design allows you to unlock the door with the touch of a finger, key card, app or key and can even be operated remotely.

Apple AirTag


Consider lost wallets, keys or even bikes a thing of the past. Apple's latest release, the AirTag, helps keep track of all the important things. One-tap set up pairs them with his iPhone or iPad so he can track their whereabouts no matter where they wander off to.

SOUL Sync ANC wireless earbuds


Turn the world off and his music on with SOUL Sync ANC wireless earbuds. The truly noise-canceling design provides powerful precision sound and impressively long battery life, making work, commutes and workouts focused and comfortable. Need to know what's going on around you? No problem. Switch to the audio transparency mode to amplify surroundings for an extra layer of safety. They've also added a handy carabiner clip to the charging case to keep them from disappearing (or, let's be real—going for a spin in the washing machine.)

Tertill garden weeding robot


Got big plans for a killer veggie garden this year? Take the chore of weeding off his plate with Tertill garden weeding robot. Created by the inventor of Roomba, this solar-powered pal can stay outside all season long, going to work for over an hour per day pulling up weeds as efficiently as he would by hand. The included plant guards keep starts safe until they're big enough so you can get to using it as soon as your garden is planted.

JBL Flip 5 waterproof portable bluetooth speaker


With over 35K ratings, it's hard to find a wireless speaker with more accolades than the JBL Flip 5. The small but mighty waterproof design means you can bring the party anywhere—the booming bass means he'll be the coolest dad on the dock.

Native Union travel tech kit


Travel is BACK! And along with it, the need to wrangle all the cords and chargers. This handy case keeps things neat and tidy with a home for everything.

Sonos Beam sound bar 


A big ol' TV is cool, but without premium sound, the experience is always going to be sub-par. The solution? A high-powered sound bar that will make him feel like he's right back in those dark movie theaters he's been missing. Like the rest of the Sonos line, this one is best in class offering rich cinematic sound and easily integrates with other Sonos products to create the home theater system of his dreams.

Anker PowerCore portable charger


Find me something more useless than a dead cellphone. I'll wait.

Exactly. This super sleek and convenient portable charger ensures he's never without a charge. After just three hours of charging, it provides more than two charges for most cell phones and over one charge for the iPad mini.

Cinemood 360 projector


Speaking of home theater systems, Cinemood's mini projector can turn any wall—indoors and out—into an interactive theater. Compact and lightweight, it comes equipped with all your favorite streaming services built-in allowing him to play anything, anywhere without cords or computers.

Meater Plus smart wireless meat thermometer


Sure, he might pride himself on his grill prowess and instinct for taking that ribeye off at just the right time, but it's 2021. There's an app for that. Meater, the cleverly named bluetooth-enabled wireless meat thermometer is the upgrade he never knew he needed. The dual sensor probe monitors both internal and external temperatures to take the guesswork out of cooking allllll the meat, indoors and out.

Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset


Take his gaming to the next level with one of the most advanced all-in-one VR systems out there. The Oculus Quest 2 provides stunning immersive experiences into virtual worlds with hyper-detailed visuals and 3D cinematic sound that feel eerily real. And if he's ever willing to take turns, the entire family can enjoy epic adventures, live concerts and exclusive events, all from the comfort of the living room.

Ember mug


Does he regularly abandon his coffee only to microwave it three times throughout the morning? Packed with an app-enabled heating element, the Ember mug keeps hot beverages at exactly the temperature you tell it to long enough for you to drink it. Problem solved.

Philips SmartSleep wake-up light


No one likes the sound of the alarm. NO ONE. Make the morning wake-ups a little more peaceful with Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up light. Along with standard smart features like FM radio, tap snooze and automatic dimmable display, this mood-boosting alarm simulates sunset and sunrise so he can wake up more like those tweeting birds and less like an angry caveman.

Mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging pad

mophie-3-in-1-wireless-charging pad

Plugging in allll the things takes effort. How about just tossing them on top of this instead? The Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad can juice up his iPhone, Apple watch, and AirPods all at the same time and let's face it—looks way cooler than that tangle of cords he's rocking.

Core meditation trainer


If he's mediation-curious but struggling to make it happen, the Core Meditation Trainer might be just what he needs! When paired with their meditation app, the handheld trainer puts a mediation coach right in the palms of his hands. Through lights and vibration which tell you how and when to breathe and an ECG sensor that tracks heart rate and heart rate variability, it will not only help him develop the habit, but master it as well.

Banana phone


Dad joke meets tech solution with this hilarious wireless mobile handset. Not only will he be able to take Zoom calls like the cut-up he is, it also works as a Bluetooth speaker to play the Gorillas in the Mist soundtrack on loop (or whatever playlist he's rocking out to these days.)

Squegg Smart Squeeze stress relief ball 


He prides himself on being the go-to jar opener. Keep that strength up and stress down with the app-enabled Squegg smart squeeze ball. The handy (see what we did there?) trainer allows him to evaluate, track and improve his grip strength through games and exercises while helping to regulate blood pressure and alleviate tension.

Aera Touch Diffuser


He might not always admit it, but dad can get down with the power of aromatherapy as much as anyone. Aera, the first home fragrance "player" (think of it like Sonos for aromatherapy) brings the comfort and therapy of scent into any space with the sleekest diffuser we've ever seen. The app-enabled unit uses microdroplet technology and high-quality fragrance and essential oils to evenly scent any room in the house. He can just choose the vibe he's looking for—sleepy time, energizing, focus, or just cozy comfort, pop in one of the revolutionary scent capsules then set the strength and timing to his preferences.

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.

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