16 Slack Bots to Promote Wellness at Your Workplace

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Slack is good for a lot more than sending hilarious cat GIFs to your coworkers.

Slack can help teams who are used to working at an office stay well while working from home.

Here are 16 Slack apps that will help you in promoting healthy habits and wellness for your team.

1. Trivia

Trivia is the new way to connect with your remote team while playing exciting quizzes and remote games on Slack and Microsoft Teams! Get summarised results at the end of every Trivia quiz and find your very own Quizzard!

2. Count It

Count.It hosts physical activity challenges for teams, and now you can bring all that action into your Slack @channels. Connect tracking apps/devices, get live notifications, check out the leaderboard, right from Slack.

3. Leaderboard

Track your office battles with Leaderboard App! Challenge your co-workers for a game of Mario Kart, Ping Pong, Table Football… And when you’re finished playing, report your score. Ready? set, go! Climb the leaderboard today and be the office champion.

4. Health Hero

Health Hero makes it easy to get the whole workplace to log their #meal, #move and #mind in the way that works for them. Using text or images just tell the Health Hero bot about that healthy meal, that morning run or that bit of meditation this afternoon and it will track your progress.

5. Motivation

Receive motivational reminders directly in Slack. Whether you’re going through hard times, need an extra push to get stuff done, or like sharing inspirational quotes with your team, Motivation has you covered.

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6. WFH Surveys

Taking feedback from your remote employees has never been this simple and effortless. Just a simple addition to your Slack app and you’re ready to sail. WFH Surveys helps you take feedback from your remote employees via AI-enabled interactive chat.

7. Good Job

Good Job‘s happiness tracker gives you the data you need to be happier at work. Track your workplace experience daily, to identify trends in what makes you happy and what causes you stress at work.

8. Gratitudely

Gratitudely is a simple, fresh way for your Slack team to keep a shared gratitude journal — a “gratitude wall”. Improve team well-being (boost morale, reduce stress, and more!) by keeping a shared gratitude journal.

9. Platterz

Integrating your Platterz account with Slack makes it effortless to keep your team updated and engaged with your culture programs. The Platterz app will automatically engage each employee with reminders of upcoming meals, and requests for ratings and preferences.

10. Gyroscope

Sitting in an office can be very unhealthy and cause people to have low steps each day. Gyroscope helps to fix this by building software to track your life, encourage workouts and make improvements to your health.

11. Icliniq

The Icliniq slack app is an extension of Icliniq, a leading online telehealth consulting portal for Slack Teams. For any team to use Icliniq, the admin has to authorise the app for their respective teams.

12. &frankly

The &frankly bot notifiers users about open questions they have to answer, and pushes the results to users, groups and the company in order to quickly see what is going on in the company and what you can improve.

13. blankit health

With blankitbot for Slack, your employees can ask questions about their coverage and get an immediate reply. Blankitbot for Slack responds to simple phrases like “”Do I have coverage for a root canal?” and “Can I include my spouse on the plan?” There’s no need to learn new commands to chat with blankitbot.

14. Kiki

In these extraordinary times, we’re all adapting to new ways of working. Kiki is here to help! Kiki helps teams perform regular check-ins and easily share responses. It’s 100% free-to-use, and quick to get started.

15. Joyride

Getting to know people on your team just got a lot easier. Joyride uses icebreakers and fun questions to keep the laughs coming. Team engagement skyrockets. When you add to Slack, a channel called #theride is created and your team is invited in.

16. enso

Meet enso — the first slack bot whose notifications will reduce stress, instead of causing it. Every once in a while he will remind you to pause and breathe. That’s all. And as simple as it may sound, it will turn out to be transformative in practice.

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