12 Technology Apps for Education

Nowadays, most users have access to mobile devices, be it smartphones, tablets, or even tablets. These devices allow access to a world of possibility via the Internet connection while also facilitating many people’s lives through popular applications. An app is an abbreviation form of the English word”application. Also, the term app refers to computer software designed for use on mobile devices.

The apps that are downloaded onto the devices are varied and their accessibility. Certain applications have a value in economics, and others are free and accomplish their duties. There are apps to serve a range of uses, such as ordering food from home and making requests for transportation. Checking the current weather everywhere in the world and monitoring the development of pregnancy. So, it is not surprising that there are apps that are designed to be educational.

The term “educational application” refers to any kind of program, resource, or multimedia content designed on electronic devices that could be utilized as technological aids in education. Learning about these tools and how they can be integrated into the pedagogical activities in the classroom is one of the major challenges educators have to face in the present. To help expand the range of tools you have already mastered, We present you with this article that includes fifteen apps that have proved useful in the classroom.


italki is the biggest platform for language learning. Many people learn different languages on this app. You can learn English and different languages on this app. This app is basically mostly used for educational students. New students learn different languages on these apps for their projects. You can download this app through the play store and apple store. Also, visit the website: italki.com

Google Classroom

The technology giant claims its Google Classroom app serves as a virtual platform for teachers to inform their students when and when they are required to complete their assignments. They can, in turn, utilize the platform to submit assignments.

Khan Academy

The application lets us access over 4000 educational videos covering a variety of subjects (maths and chemistry). It is a great place to look over material that isn’t evident to your kids or to answer any pending issues to resolve and discover solutions to the problem that is preventing them from achieving it. Available for iOS and Android.

Dottodot Numbers & Letters

It is an easy and enjoyable application designed for children in the smallest household that allows them to learn the sequence of numbers or letters. The application is customizable (difficulty levels, difficulty, and music) and effects to be adapted to the requirements of young players. The most daring players can take on the clock and attempt to finish the game before the time is up. Available on iOS.

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant

In Dr. Panda, We will discover numerous aspects about recycling, food, and animals as we cook delicious meals. The natural world does not offer many clues, which is why exploration and trial-and-error are key elements in this application. There is also a paid version, which includes fresh dishes compatible with iOS and Android.


Tangram is a well-known game that originated in China that generates patterns and figures with the seven geometric pieces available. This easy but enjoyable observation game is a great way to increase your concentration and spatial abilities. You will surely not be able to complete only one thing! Available for Android.

Moster Band: Board Games

This app has three games that include Memory, Puzzles, and competitions. Different cognitive tasks are emphasized throughout each model, including perception, recognizing colors and shapes or patterns, concentration, and reasoning. All this in a colorful setting. The app allows us to join as users, and we can upload photos and keep the points we earn. It is available for iOS.


Agnitus is a basic but enjoyable application specially designed for children in preschool. Ideal for color recognition, 2D shapes letters recognition, counting, and even beginning by drawing letters. Registration is required for your child and lets you keep track of her progress. Available on iOS.


This program is designed to be used by older adults, and its primary purpose is to draw mental maps and diagrams. An excellent tool for reviewing concepts and design schemes and helps reinforce the concepts acquired throughout the course. If your child needs to go over their work, take them through this fascinating application. Available for iOS and Android.

The jungle Of Mario

The Mapfre Foundation presents us with two amazing stories that we can help promote road safety for younger children. They are “Mario’s jungle” intended for children aged 3 to five years old, in addition to “Julia, Pato and the Spy” for children aged six to eight years of age. The stories are interactive, meaning you’re not restricted to reading the story aloud. The children can be a part of the stories’ protagonists as they learn about the dangers of driving. Available for iOS and Android.

Pepi Bath

Even though we’re on vacation, we don’t have to neglect our hygiene practices. This app can assist you and your children at home not to forget the routine of daily things like cleaning your mouth, washing your hands, clothing. An excellent method of promoting hygiene with a playful approach. Available for iOS and Android.


We conclude our list by introducing the well-known social media platform Busuu. This allows you to learn various languages from the top instructors. and native speakers of the language. Alongside having classes with interactive exercises, you can also be an instructor of your language by joining the community. This app is designed specifically meant for those who want to learn English online. However, applications are also available for Spanish, Italian, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, and Polish, along with numerous others. Available for iOS and Android.

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